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A Look at the Spring 2017 Mary's Secret Ingredients Box!

We always love trying new subscription boxes, especially food related ones, since we’re all about trying new recipes & styles of cooking. We’ve been getting this Mary’s Secret Ingredients box for a while now and we really like it!

 We’ve loved so many of our past boxes from Mary’s so we were really excited about all the goodies in our Spring box. Mary’s Secret Ingredients is a quarterly subscription box that contains gourmet items, along with recipes and a kitchen tool. They try to keep with the seasons and have the ingredients revolved around that. We love that they include a kitchen tool every month as well to make our lives in the kitchen so much easier. That’s where we got this nifty peeler, that we just adore.

Mary’s also supports some great causes to end world hunger, such as Feed The Children. They’ve also had items in the boxes to promote these goals such as the 100 cups a day cup, which advocates for clean water in Mexico. It’s great to not only get a box of wonderful goodies, but to know that the company is supporting great organizations as well.


Now on to this quarters Spring box! It had a lot of great items in it, such as the Get Dressed Sesame Sensation, Soom Chocolate Sesame Tahini Spread, Catskill Provisions Honey Whiskey Truffles, Winder Condiments Honey Jalapeno Mustard, and the Joseph Joseph Smart Bar. Our favorite item was definitely the truffles. They were SO good. We dove into them as soon as we too photos of the box lol. We can’t wait to try all of the other goodies as well. The tool was really cool as well. The Smart Bar basically helps get the smell of onion/garlic off your hands after you peel it. Plus it has a little pocket there for soap, so you can easily wash your hands and keep better hygiene in your kitchen.

All in all this is a great subscription box if you’re looking to open up your cooking and try new things, plus get some handy gadgets for your kitchen!

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A Look at the Spring 2017 Mary's Secret Ingredients Box!