So school is getting ready to start, and we’re pretty nervous horrified bummed  excited about it! So in honor of us going back and enriching our minds, here are a few tips that have gotten us through college so far.

1. Get Organized– You don’t want to start off in the school year shuffling to get the basic supplies like notebooks and pencils. So it’s good to get the stuff before the first day of classes. I know that this may seem like common sense, but I’ve seen those fellow college students going to the bookstore and paying 3 bucks for a packet of pencils. It’s crazy man. Instead keep an eye on sales and such, so you can get the most bang for your buck!

2. Buy school supplies when they’re marked down– This goes with the buying your supplies ahead of time. Usually the time to do this is a couple weeks after school started back for most places in your area. Then you have some supplies that’s ready to go the next time school starts up again, or if you suddenly need it. You can also check a lot of the back to school sales at Walgreen’s, Walmart, etc. a lot of times they have some great sales and in store coupons for school supply items. 
3. Shop around.– If you’re a college student, you know that the text books are ridiculously expensive. The best way to get your books is by buying them on Amazon, or sites like them. Sometimes the books won’t be a lot cheaper but still less expensive than buying them from the actual bookstore. Sometimes, even checking out a campus online forum, board etc, can get you some cheap textbooks from previous students. The best way to make the money back is buy selling them to the school bookstore, or even to a classmate who will be taking the class as well.. Usually you can get around the same price or even more than you paid for the books, if you get them in early. Which is pretty sweet right?
4. Never never never rent your books! Yes its cheaper a the time to rent the book rather than buy it but the problem is you never make that money back, which is just a waste of money. Just don’t do it kids. Do what the previous tip says.

5. Be Social – Especially if its your first time in college, school, all that, get to know your classmates and the people around you. Hopefully you 18+ years of living have given you a chance to really hone your social skills. Use them to make friends! It’s handy to have a couple friends in classes in case you need to miss class for some reason. You’ll always have someone there willing to tell you what you missed.

6. Get Involved! Especially if you live on campus, being a part of a club or organization can be a really good way to get the most of your college experience. It’s a great way to meet new and interesting people around campus. It doesn’t even have to be even anything to serious. You can even join something fun like the Anime club!

7. Party Moderately – It’s alright to have a good time (drugs bad! alcohol bad!) but don’t let it effect your grades and studies. Is a couple nights of partying with your friends really work losing financial aid, failing classes, and getting kicked out? I don’t think so. Basically just make wise choices, they’ll matter in the long run.

8. Be Yourself! Sometimes its easy to get caught up in what people think of you, how you look, etc. Don’t let that consume your time, just be who you are and be proud of it. In reality, most people don’t care enough to judge you, and the ones that do judge you solely on appearances and the like, they aren’t worth your time. So if “being yourself” is wearing yoga pants and a tshirt then go right ahead! There will be plenty of people who will talk to you and be friends with you for who you are. Trust me, I managed to find a a few n I’m completely bonkers.(Hannah haha)

9. Get Help! If you find yourself slipping in grades and you just aren’t getting the information, don’t be afraid to sign up for a tutor, or ask a classmate to help you. There are tools available for you to help in your education. Find out what they are for your school, and use them, man!
10. Attempt to be Healthy! It’s really easy to always get junk food and fast food while you’re on campus, especially if you’re commuting, but try to be conscious of the things that you eat. Eating junk food all the time is not the healthiest thing in the world. Try to balance out your meals, and find healthy options. Even just replacing your snack of a bag of chips, with an apple, or almonds or something healthier is a good idea. Signing up for an exercise class can also be a big help in keeping you healthy.

Well, we definitely have more tips to share (because were super wise and make tons of mistakes) but that’s all for now. We hope you guys found these tips helpful!