Hey guys!
Firstly, I’m sorry the WW post is up a bit late, I’ve been in bed for most of the day thanks to Sara’s germs she gave me. Mucus City, ick.
Soooo anyway…
Today’s WW is gonna be a bit different than usual. Now, I know we all love to shop for clothes and everything, or at least window shop, so for today’s post I decided I would share this amazing online site that I’ve come across recently.
It’s called Asos!
I discovered them through Vintage or Tacky’s video on her Asos haul. Of course I immediately had to look them up for myself, and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. Their clothes are FABULOUS, and all around decently priced. A few things are a bit pricey but for the most part they are very reasonable. Another reason I love this place is that they have their plus size section called Curve. So I can do more than window shop, man!
So yeah, if you want to see Vintage or Tacky’s video I’ve posted it for you all below, and definitely, DEFINITELY go check out the Asos Website.

*PSSST! If you are a student you can also get 10% off! Yessss!

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