Welcome to another edition of This Week I…
The last several weeks have been pretty busy for me, which I like because I hate being bored and having nothing to do.
There’s especially been a lot going on in our garden. Its growing really nicely and I was super happy to start getting some green onions, cucumbers, and tomatoes out of it. Mana of Summer, I’m tellin’ ya. One of my favorite things about summer is all of the fresh produce. Its super great to eat, and especially great to do some cooking with. There’s nothing like garden fresh ingredients.

My grandma’s garden is coming along nicely as well.

We’ve even had the cats helping us picking veggies. Although Boots seems to think cucumbers are more of a toy, than something to eat.

Then she gets tired, and sleeps in the dirt like a dead cat.
I take way too many photos of my cat.

We got this really cool package from Influenster a couple weeks ago that had lots of cool summer items in it. I’ve tried out a lot of the items and really like them so far. Review coming soon!
The Not Your Mothers Shampoo & Conditioner is really helping my new haircut!

A lot of my summer has been filled with helping my Dad out with his landscaping job, so because I’m basically sweating like a hog and dying from heatstroke, I’ve made the 79 cent Speedway fountain drink promo my best friend. I always like to start our my mowing days with a 44oz of sweet tea. It makes the rest of the day better, ya know?
This is my sweet ride for the summer. I call her Red.
Speaking of red… as it turns out, if you stay out in the sun for 5-6 hours without sunscreen, you will get the sunburn of your life. I learned this the hard way and spent the last few weeks peeling, boiling, and in pain. Oh the things I do…
Needless to say, I’ll never forget my sunscreen again.
Thanks HT, for helping my skin survive.
At least I make some friends while I’m working hard, like this little guy!

Speaking of do-ing…
These people said “I do” a few weeks ago, and I was honored to photograph their wedding. They’re adorable. right?? I know. They’re amazing, loving people and I wish them both the happiest in all of their future days of matrimony.

I found these pretty flowers outside of Sara’s house a while back, and I couldn’t resist taking a photo. So pretty!

I was also reminded of why I don’t go browse in Walmart very often. I’t too tempted to buy things I don’t need, like the Twilight Sparkle bank and the tiny owl banks. They’re pretty stinkin’ cute tho amiright?

Mine and Sara’s kitties are feeling especially pampered after getting to try out some of Kroger’s new Luvsome cat food. Isn’t the packaging ultra adorable? I thought it was so sweet. Review coming soon!

My brothers birthday was also recently, so that called for a birhday dinner at Olive Garden! I tried their shrimp ravioli thing, and MAN, it was super yummy. The kind waitress at Olive Garden really showed some ingenuity for my brothers bday song, since he didn’t want a dessert, they just brought him a candle on the chocolate mint. haha.

I saw they have these cool solar powered chargers over at Photojojo. Isn’t that cool?? Technology these days.

Did you know that they have Honey Boo Boo cards at Walmart now? Unfortunately, I do. What’s the world coming to…
I’ve recently decided that I’m gonna make myself a quilt. My grandma and I are gonna get started on it pretty soon. I’ve never quilted before, but shes a master, and It’ll be a good project for us to do, plus I’ll have something pretty to keep me warm at night!

Sara n I were also sent this super cute cookbook to review! I’m SO excited to share it all with you guys! I even made one of the recipes for breakfast this morning. Stay tuned πŸ˜‰

And that’s pretty much been how my past few weeks have been going, and some of the things I enjoyed. Its pretty random, I know.
Now, I’m gonna leave you guys with a few more photos of my kitty, because I’m a crazy cat lady. Enjoy your week guys!

Stop typing and let me in!!!! -Boots

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