Lola Granola Barsthe only bar sweetened with just honey and, gluten free oats is expanding nationwide.  The snack bars are packed with all natural proteins, fiber and omega 3’s, are low in sodium and contain absolutely no GMOs. Lola Granola Bars ingredients are locally sourced including Massachusetts Cranberries, New Jersey Blueberries, New York Honey and Gluten Free Oats. Each of the 5 flavors contains 8 core, all natural, non GMO ingredients. Unlike many bars on the market,Lola Granola does not add any rice, wheat, corn or soy fillers, hydrogenated oils or refined sugar.  All bars are gluten free, dairy free, soy free, and kosher.  They taste great and kids love them in their backpacks.

Mary Molina explains: “One of the questions that came up is how I came up with the flavors:

The first flavor I created was Cranberry and Almond (mostly because it was what I had in my cupboards at the time).  I named it Lola because, even though I made it for Ernie, I made it so that Lola could eat it too.

When I realized my kids also like Lola Granola Bars, I created flavors for them as well. Next came Ruby, she’s younger than Lola so I took out the nuts and it had beautiful red cranberries for my Ruby. After that Enzo, my daring son is nuts, so his bar is just nuts, almonds and cashews. Finally for my daughter Elliewho is sweet as a date and very caring (as the oldest she helps out a lot too) is made with dates and cashews.”

What We Thought:

If you’re looking for a healthy granola bar/snack option then Lola granola bars would be good for you. They’re really healthy for you, and they’re gluten free etc, and all of the ingredients are easily recognizable on the package so you know exactly what’s in them. 
However the taste of these granola bars isn’t very top notch, but it may depend on the person. For example some members of our families loved them but we thought they were alright. If you’re looking for a granola bar that’s really sweet and rich this granola bar isn’t for you. But if you want and like something that’s more natural and more natural tasting and more filling, these are right up your alley. Even though the taste wasn’t as spectacular as we hoped we liked the packaging and companies vision, they’re a small family owned company, which we really support. 

In a Nutshell:
They’re natural filling granola bars from a small family company, they taste natural and homemade. They’re a little pricey.

If you would like to order these bars you can check out their website to see where they are sold, or order some online!
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* We were given these granola bars for review purposes from Lola Granola. All opinions, views, etc. are our own.