Dead Dog Like Me
Author: Max Davis
Release: June 23, 2015

About the Book:
When mega-church pastor, Nick Gregory, regains consciousness after a horrific car accident, he’s on the ground in agonizing pain. Nick realizes he is in a bizarre place – a foreign, parched, ancient land, having been transported back in time to 800 B.C. Unbelievably, he is in the body of a prince named Mephibosheth, a son of Jonathan and King Saul’s grandson. Nick is fully aware of who he is and that he’s now living in Mephibosheth’s body, strangely able to speak and understand Hebrew. This experience helps him see that he, like Mephibosheth, is a broken man desperate for God’s outrageous grace and healing (2 Samuel 9:8). Returning to present day, Nick’s experience motivates a changed life.

What I Thought:
I started off very intrigued by the premise of this book. I generally love things that involve some sort of time travel, so this book really grabbed my interest. It didn’t seem like your typical christian fiction book, with your typical plot line. Unfortunately I was pretty disappointed by this book. The way that the description of the book is put, you expect it to pretty much take place in the past, or at least have that be a big aspect to the story. In reality this wasn’t the case. It was only a little bit of that, and a lot of everything else. Naturally since this is why I picked up this book, I was pretty bummed. However this book had a decent story to it otherwise. I also liked that this story dealt with a few touchy topics, such as suicide. It related to the guilt and feelings of loved ones really well and by the end really makes you appreciate how good you have it, and the goodness of God. I also liked that the emotional states and representations were really down to earth, and you could really immerse yourself into what the characters were feeling.

If you are picking this book up because it seems like an out of the box story with a strong element of time travel etc, you will be disappointed. However if you are looking for an emotion driven story with strong christian morals, then this book is for you!
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*We received a copy of this book for review purposes from Worthy Publishing. All opinions etc. stated are our own.