Hey everybody! So in the late summer when I had my break from the semesters, I painted my room. It was long overdue for a repainting since the last time it happened was in 2005/2006 (I can’t remember, ha) but the old color was basically a beige, I really went crazy and painted it a creamy yellow color. Ok I know it’s not that  crazy, I went with this color because I still wanted a neutral and something that would go with the accessories that I already have, and my red couch.

Oh if you’re confused and wondering where I sleep. This isn’t my bedroom, I live with my parents and our house is a old Victorian house and my bedroom is literally a 7 by 7 foot room that fits my bed and a table. So this is a extra room that’s downstairs and it’s more like “my room” because it holds all my junk; plus I decorated it how I want. I do pretty much everything there but people will still hang out in there as well. Sorry to get off topic, but I just wanted to clarify. πŸ™‚



Okay back to what’s important… I just decorate with different things I’ll pickup from different places, like Hobby Lobby, Goodwill, Big Lots, and TJMaxx. They are my favorite places to shop for home items. I especially look for the clearance Items, that’s when you find some real gems.

I also painted a wall black!
Funny reason why I did it was because I only got one gallon of the yellow paint and didn’t have enough to do another wall so I decided to have an accent wall. I went with black because I really wanted a black wall. I decided to have it be the wall that’s the opposite from the windows so it still feels bright in there. If you’re wondering about when it’s dark, it doesn’t feel dark at all! I have 2 lamps on that side of  the room and have them on most of the time when nightfall hits it doesn’t feel dark at all.
I also painted the tables that go on each side of the couch and my TV stand a dark blue that I’m in love with. They were originally all a brown and boring. I love how the blue looks with the yellow walls and the black wall.
Oh if you’re wanting to see how I transformed that elephant head go HERE to see what I did!





I like to store some of my jewelry in bowls and champagne glasses that were my grandmothers so I can just grab whatever I want to put on before I leave. I also have a change jar for all my unused quarters to collect, and I’ll just have other random things like my grandfathers old pocket watches and fake flowers, because who would want real flowers? Although I had some on the other table…



That piggy bank was just a plain boring white one when I got it, but I decided to get crazy with glitter. I just Mod Podged the thing and covered it with several coats of glitter. Plus it holds more unused change.

It’s my shoe money people!

For my final thoughts…
Here are some tips I have when it comes to redoing your space!

A big way to save money is to just repaint the room. Because I just repainted repainted and kept all of my furniture and accessories the room it feels fresher and different.

Be adventurous! Add an accent wall by painting it a different color or putting up wallpaper. It’s such a simple thing to do but it adds some drama to the room and makes it different. If you’re not feeling bold enough to have a black wall, have another color that can contrast with the other colors on the wall to make it stand out more.

If you do need to get furniture and accessories shop around! Most of the items in my room I didn’t get all at once, I got everything when it was sale from different places. It doesn’t have to match either. By just painting the tables the same color they look like they go together rather than being three different pieces of furniture.

Don’t get discouraged if it all doesn’t come together right away! I know it’s easy to browse through Pinterest and get inspiration and have a dream house. Sadly that doesn’t always happen right away, it can be a gradual thing to have your space turn out how you want it. Be patient and make it how you want.
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