5 Ways to Step Up Your Coffee Game with Javafly

It’s no secret that the both of us here on TPS are HUGE coffee lovers. Plus with Sara’s classes starting it’s basically as essential as the oxygen she breathes haha. We’re always looking for new brews to try, as well as different ways of preparing our daily cup o’ joe. So today we thought that we’d put together a list of our ways to step up your coffee, with a little help from our friends over at Javafly, as well as Faro Coffee

5 Ways to Step Up Your Coffee Game

1. New Brews

One of the easiest ways to step up your daily coffee game is to try new brews of coffee, new brands, new roasts, new flavors etc. Everyone has their tried and true, but it’s great to experiment a little as well. It’s really easy to do this with Javafly. They have a great stock of brands that are really yummy! They even sent us these two roasts from Faro Coffee. Out of the Italian Blend and Black Rose, we liked Black Rose the best. It was the stronger of the two, which is definitely a plus in our book! The Italian Blend was great too, it just had a lighter taste of the two. We also like picking up coffees when they’re on sale at TJ Maxx, or at our local Kroger.

2. Ice Cream

If you’re a sweet coffee lover, we definitely suggest adding a couple tablespoons of ice cream to your daily cup. It creates a really nice sweet foam(like our top photo), as well as adds a great vanilla flavor throughout. For ultimate ice cream coffee awesomeness, try it with mint ice cream. It’s super great!

3. Expand Your Coffee Horizons

We all know that Kcups are really convenient (albeit bad for the environment), but sometimes its good to break away from convenience and try something different. I think some of the best coffee I’ve had has been from “old school” style brewing methods. Using a Chemex or French Press is a great option for brewing. It really lets you get some amazing flavors out of your coffee. When I was visiting my man in Costa Rica, I found out that they have a really traditional method of brewing there using a Chorreador. It’s pretty much the way most people brew their coffee there, and it tastes amazing that way – I may or may not have drank 5 giant cups – oopsies.

4. Flavor 

Adding some spices and flavoring to your coffee will give it a boost of awesomeness. Try adding in cinnamon sticks, or try some flavor syrups and creamers at your local grocer. It’s fun to just pick up a new creamer to try out while you’re in the store.

5. Grind it up!

We’re back to anti convenience here, but for a good reason. If you want the absolute best taste out of your coffee, it’s best to grind your own from the whole beans. This lets you get the absolute best flavor from your beans. Try not to grind a ton of coffee ahead though, because after its ground it starts to lose its freshness. If you don’t have the option to grind your own, you can check the dates for when the coffee was ground and roasted. You want to use it soon after it’s been ground to get maximum flavor. Typically you can find this out a lot easier if you buy from smaller coffee growers, and local businesses.

Well, we hope that you’ve enjoyed our quick ways to step up your coffee game and are inspired to brew your own amazing cup o’ joe! What are some other tips you guys have? What’s your favorite way to drink your coffee? Let us know in the comments!

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*We received 2 boxes of Faro Coffee Pods to taste test and post about on our blog. All opinions, ideas, & and awesome tips are our own.