Sapphire Season by Lynn Morris Review

Hey all my book lovas! Today I wanted to share with you a book that I read recently called A Sapphire Season by Lynn Morris. It takes place with Lady Mirabella Tirel, who is the daughter of the Marques of Camarden deciding to get engaged during her season in London. She thinks that everything is going to go according to her plan. What she doesn’t realize however is that she is going to end up finding out about the true nature of love, and how it isn’t always something you can plan for. This is a beautiful historical fiction novel that is great for all you Downton Abbey fans out there. It very much reminded me of the show, with its setting, and its emphasis on the social aspects of England at the time. Although there are less characters and aspects than in Downton Abbey, it has some delightful central characters. This book also has some great inspirational themes, but is no way “preachy” like some inspirational novels can be.

Overall Sapphire Season is a great book if you’re looking for something light, inspirational, historical novel with good characters, and great underlying lessons. I’m very excited to see more from Lynn!


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*We received this book for review by the publishers. All of our thoughts and opinions are our own.