Make Your Coffee Your Own With

As most of you know, we are HUGE coffee lovers. We love trying out different roasts, blends, and are always in search for a new & different coffee. So imagine how excited we were to hear about the single origin coffee and the subscription services that they offer. 

Make Your Coffee Your Own With specializes in single origin coffee, which means that they handle coffees that are grown only one on farm, or one place. They try to support local farms and families in different regions who have a real history with the area, and the coffee. The best thing about this is that you can really “get personal” with your coffee growers and roasters. They have bios about each farm and region where each batch of coffee comes from. Because Hannah loves Costa Rica so much, we decided to get the Costa Rica Finca El Boyerito (currently out of stock) roasted by Bold Bean Coffee. This batch was grown in Tarrazรบ, Costa Rica by Ismael Monge Garbanzo on the Finca El Boyerito farm. Thanks to’s system we even got to see some of the farms history and the people working there. It adds an extra dimension to the coffee, knowing where it was grown, how it was grown, even down to the specific varieties and altitudes. We also love that they have certified organic coffees available, if you’re looking for coffees that are grown organically.

Make Your Coffee Your Own With

The coffee from is crazy fresh! It’s roasted to order, so that means that you get the freshest coffee possible, with the best flavors still intact. They even add the roasting date, so you know exactly when the coffee was roasted for you. We loved the way our coffee tasted. It was on the lighter side of a medium roast, not too strong at all. It had a lot of complex flavors as well, you could definitely taste the hints of tropical fruits. Plus the smell as amazing! So fragrant and awesome. We brewed ours in a french press to really get the full flavor.

Make Your Coffee Your Own With 

The best part about what offers is their subscription based service. You can basically choose which bag of whole bean coffee you want, and add it to your Brewlist. You can change the frequency of the deliveries, so that when you run out of a bag you will have one at your door! You don’t have to stick with just one batch either, you can try several and add them to your Brewlist, so you can change up your coffee. It’s really flexible, so if you only want 1 coffee every week, a month, or none at all, you can totally choose which is the best for you. Because these coffees are single origin and grown from small producers, there is a limited batch of each kind of coffee, but no worries. They’re always adding new roasts and coffees all the time. They also recently started this great program where you can refer friends and get $5 credit, and they also get $5 off of their order! Awesome, huh?

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If you’re wanting to learn more about, check out their website and all of the wonderful coffees that they have. You can also get $5 off your subscription by using our referral link!

Let us know in the comments which of’s coffees you’d most like to try!

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*We received one bag of coffee to review and try out their subscription plan. All views, and general wit, are our own.