The Perfect Under $25 Valentine's Day Gifts

Hey guys! Since Valentines Day is fast approaching (only 6 days left EEK!) I decided to put together some things that I think would be awesome gifts for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day. I wanted to choose things that could be good for guys, as well as girls. Plus I think that these would make great gifts for your BFFs as well. Who can forget your best gal pal on Vday, huh?

In addition to these things that you can purchase for your loved one, I think its great to note that you can also make something yourself (more on this tomorrow), and I think generally things like that are appreciated more than just going out and getting a gift. I mean, anyone can buy you chocolate & roses, but can just anyone make you a meaningful gift themselves? For sure no! Anyway, Happy Early Valentine’s Day guys; and remember, its the thought that counts. Make that special someone in your life feel that they are loved beyond measure. <3


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