Wearable Wednesday: Nothing To WearWearable Wednesday: Nothing To Wear

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Do you ever wake up and when you’re getting ready for the day you feel like there’s nothing in your closet? I know I’ve felt that way on more than one occasion. I think most women have, lol. I wonder why we’ll feel this way, we obviously bought the clothes because we wanted and loved them, and wore them but there’s just that day when you feel uninspired (and tired) of everything you have. 

Something I’ll do when I feel like this is get out something I used to wear all the time and wear it again. Which is exactly what I did with this sweater, I love this shade of blue because it’s like an electric blue so it’s bright and works for spring. Of course I threw on some jeans and booties to finish the look. It’s a simple look, but it’s more pulled together and looks like I put more effort in rather than just wearing toga pants and a t-shirt. (which I may or may not do on any other day, ;)) And I actually washed and fixed my hair that morning so I did put in some effort. :0 

Have a happy Wednesday! 


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