Wearable Wednesday: DIY Cape

As most of you know it’s fall and the days ahead are getting colder and colder. I’m always thinking of creative ways to wear cold weather clothing and still look cute. Especially when I’m at home because I’m tempted to just wear sweats all the time. So I thought of what better and more fashionable way to look good than wearing a cape?

Capes are becoming super popular this season, and I decided to make my own, because it’s super easy to make. Even for me who has zero sewing skills, (trust me, my mom has tried to teach me several times. Lol) All you need are a few things to make it. 

A fleece blanket–your choice of color and pattern. Obviously I had to go with leopard print. Haha

Embroidery thread (the same color as the thread on the blanket.

A needle and scissors 

Start off by folding the blanket in half horizontally on a flat surface.

Wearable Wednesday: DIY Cape

Wearable Wednesday: DIY Cape Wearable Wednesday: DIY Cape

Then measure to make a spot or small cut in the middle of the blanket.

Then cut up the middle of the blanket until you get to the center and stop.

Wearable Wednesday: DIY Cape

Now sew up each side of the blanket edge to keep it from fraying, and it looks a little more finished.

Now you’re ready to go! You can wear your cape around the house or when you’re going and running errands. You can even put a belt around the cape to make it look a little more pulled together and be good to go for a night our on the town! 

Wearable Wednesday: DIY Cape

I love this cape because it’s the perfect layering piece to wear because it’s light, but still keeps you warm, and you can wear it with several different outfits and still look fabulous!

Wearable Wednesday: DIY Cape

I kept things simple and wore just some black leggings and a green sweatshirt with gray boots. I think the cape really dresses up the whole look and it adds some extra warmth. Especially since it was freezing outside! Lol

I hope you ladies are inspired to make your own cape and wear it in these cooler months to stay toasty and cute!   

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