Mug Candles

Hey guys! Christmas is almost here, and a lot of us are still out looking for gifts. Instead of trying to buy a ton of gifts, we think it’s a great idea to make some of the gifts yourself. Making some great DIY gifts like these mug candles can save you some money, and be extra thoughtful; since you made it yourself of course. You can also personalize them by choosing a mug that your friend will like, or featuring something they love! 

To get started you’ll need:

Wicks (we used the kind with the stand)
And old candle (or a cheap one from dollar tree) You can also use candle wax, but its a bit more expensive – we definitely recommend just using cheap pillar candles. It takes about 1-1 1/2 medium candle per mug – depending on the size of your mug.
Cool mugs – try finding some hidden mug gems at your local thrift store!
Optional : Candle scent – to make it smell awesome when it’s burned! - A Hidden Jewel Inside Every Candle!

DIY mug candles steps

1.) Melt the wax -or wax candle. We did it by using a double boiling method. While your wax is melting you can take some hot glue and glue the base of your wick in the bottom of your mug, or you can put a bit of hot wax on the base, set the wick base in the mug, and let it harden there. This will keep it from moving around as you pour your hot wax into your candle. Once your wax melts you can add your scent oil, if you’re doing that step.

2.) Once your wax is melted and your wick prepped, you can pour the wax into your mug, making sure not to get too messy with it. Let your mug sit for about 24 hours, or until the wax is completely hardened. Don’t try to speed up the process by putting it in the fridge. It will make your candle crack.

That’s pretty much it! Who knew that making some cute coffee mug candles would be so easy?! Excuse us now while we turn all of our mugs into candles! haha

 photo hannahnsarasig_zpsfc7566a8.png