Makeup and Beauty Holy Grail Products

We always seem to have our go-to products that we always reach for. I know I do. I tend to be a creature of habit and use the same products over and over. I do try and change it up and use different products but I always go back to these because I know they’ll work for me and do what I need them to do. 

Makeup and Beauty Holy Grail Products

 For skincare I like to use Burt’s BeesDeep Cleansing Cream. I love this face wash because it really cleans out my pores and gets all of the makeup and oil off after a long day. It’s not drying so my skin stays moisturized.

This past summer I started to experiment and use argan oil, because it helps to renew your cells and has anti-aging properties. Since I’m  getting old, I’m doing everything I can to preserve my youth! I do notice it keeps my skin more moisturized, and it helps to brighten it up a little more in the morning.

For acne I like to use tea tree oil. Out of all of the acne treatments I’ve used tea tree oil has been the most effective at consistently keeping my acne in control. It also helps with diminishing acne scars (which I have quite a few of) it just takes time to heal the scar.

I’ve been using Aveeno moisturizers for years because they’re lightweight and have SPF in them. I love the smart essentials daily moisturizer because its super moisturizing but not oily, which is perfect for these chilly months when my skin gets dry as bones.

I’ve been using Neutrogena Norwegin Formula hand cream for years too. I love this hand cream because it helps my hands to get soft and moisturized, especially after I use the drying soaps in public bathrooms! It’s also great because it absorbs quickly because it’s not greasy. 

Makeup & Beauty Holy Grail Products

I’ve been using the Covergirl  Outlast foundation for almost 2 years and I love it! I love it because it gives me medium to full coverage, its blendable, and lasts all day even when its 80 degrees and 90% humidity in August here. 

I use a combination of concealers. to help give me some extra coverage. For my raccoon eyes I love the Maybellene cover stick, I’m amazed with this because I’ll put it on at 7:30 in the morning and never see dark circles for the rest of the day. Maybe it’s magic? Maybe it is Maybelline! I like to use the green cover stick to help with the redness on my face, the green color helps to combat the red and make it practically disappear! (magic again? I think not!) I actually started to use these within the last couple months but I’m hooked now. I don’t think I can go back.

 To me a good concealer is full coverage and bendable, isn’t cakey, lasts all day, and doesn’t oxidize. I  always go back to the Hard Candy Glamofluge concealer because it checks off all those marks. It covers up my pimples when I get them, it covers the green cover stick, and anything else that I’m wanting a little extra coverage that my foundation didn’t get. 

To blend all my goo together I love to use a beauty blender. Since I started to use a beauty blender it made a huge difference in how my makeup looks. It makes the whole process quicker,  and easier. I used to be skeptical about them until I tried it and was amazed at how much of a difference it made. I cant go back to using my fingers now! 

I really love to use the NYX loose powders to set my makeup, they’re light and keep my face matte all day. Plus it keeps my makeup in place, what’s not to love?!

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I always like to use a tinted brow get for my brows, just fill them in a little bit and keep the hairs in control. I love the Ulta  Brow Tint because it’s light and doesn’t make the hairs stiff, or flake off. 

L’Oreal mascaras always seem to be amazing, no matter what ones I always love the quality they give me. I love the Voluminous False Fiber Lashes because they add so much volume, and  the Voluminous Miss Maga Rock mascara because it’s a good everyday mascara that’s lengthening.

I’ve talked about the Revlon Colorburst Balm Stains several times before. Even after using other lipsticks I always love these because they stay on my lips for hours and don’t dry them out. And they’re opaque and  easy to put on when you’re driving. (not like I’ve ever done that before;) 

I hope you  enjoyed reading about the products I love to use continuously! If you’ve ever tried any of these products let me know if you loved them or not.

What are some of your holy grail products!?


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