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Hey hey! With so many gadgets and tools out there it’s hard to decide what you really need vs. what you want because that tool looks so cool and it’ll solve all of your problems! But in reality it just ends up taking up space on your counter-top or in your drawer. Because we cook A LOT for the blog and in real life we’ve gotten to realize what we really need in our kitchens, and share what we think every kitchen should have. 

1.) A good chefs knife! Having a chefs knife can make such a difference when cutting and chopping food. Sometimes you have to use a few knifes to figure out what you like and whats comfortable to use, and one that will stay sharp. I’ve been using a Kitchen Aid chefs knife for years and still love to use it. 

2.) A microplane! A microplane is like the original zester. These are great for zesting citrus fruit, or grating cheeses, garlic, or chocolate. Microplanes are amazing because they stay sharp for years. I’ve probably had mine for almost 8 years, and it’s still just as sharp as the day I got it. 

3.) A cast iron skillet! Almost everyone grandmother or mother has a cast iron skillet in her kitchen and she uses it frequently. Cast iron skillets are one of those staple pieces in their kitchen that are kept for generations because they last through all of the heat. They’re also versatile since you can use it to cook or bake in. 

4.) A cookie scooper! Cookie scoopers can be used for so many more than just portioning out cookie dough. It’s great for making meatballs, putting muffin or cake batter in muffin pans, and having smaller scoops of ice cream too. 

5.) A good can opener! I’ve seen a lot of terrible can openers in my time, and am amazed at people who use something that looks like its from the 15th century. Lol Having a good can opener makes such a huge difference when opening cans, whether you use a manual or electric one just make sure you clean it frequently so it doesn’t have a ton of germs on it. 

6.) A citrus squeezer! If you hate all forms of fresh citrus you don’t need one of these. Lol But if you use lemons or lime juice in some form frequently you’ll use a squeezer. I love to use this because I get way more juice out of the fruit rather than me just squeezing it by hand. 

7.) Cookbooks! – It’s always great to have a resource around to help inspire your cooking and help your techniques. This is where having a few cook books come in handy! The one I recommend the most to new cooks especially is Kitchen Confidence by Kelsey Nixon. It shows you things from basic techniques to using food seasonally. It really is a great resource and is highly recommended! You can check out our full review of it here.

8.) A Ninja! I personally don’t have a Ninja but Hannah does and I’ve used it when making food for the blog, and I love it! And want to get my own when I have my own place. It replaces a blender and food processor, and it has an individual portion  cup so it’s perfect to make your own smoothie, and with the bigger pitcher you can chop or crush bread, cookies, puree food. The possibilities are endless.    

9. Measuring cups – A good measuring cup is worth its weight in gold at times. Especially if you’re baking, you need something to help your cake turn out right. A lot of that is using exact measurements.

10. Hand mixer – A hand mixer is  staple in my kitchen anytime I’m making mashed potatoes or whipping up a batch of cookies. It’s perfect for making the perfectly mixed ingredients.

These were just a few of the many kitchen tools we love, and keeps our cooking skills sharp. There are a lot of others we like to use as well.

What is your favorite kitchen tool?

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