Greek Style Kabobs with Tzatziki Dip

It’s almost grilling season, and you know what that means…cookouts! barbecues! & family gatherings! One of the easiest things we love to make for these kinds of things (or just normal dinner) are kabobs. You can even check out our kabob party tutorial from last year. This week however we are doing some Greek Style Kabobs using some ingredients from our Try the World Greece box!

Here are a few of the items we got in the Greece Box. There were lots of items to cook with including the Tzatziki Spice Mix, Rosemary Infused Olive Oil, and Greek Pasta. If you’re unfamiliar with Try the World, they are a subscription box that sends you goodies from around the world. Each box has a different country theme, and we’ve really liked the ones we’ve gotten to try. For this recipe we used the Tzatziki Spice mix along with the Rosemary infused Olive Oil. We also used the Spicy Pepper Paste with Feta Cheese as a dip for the kabobs.

Start by cutting up chunks of chicken breast so that they can fit on a skewer (you could also use lamb or beef). Then marinate in the olive oil and a tsp. of tzatziki spice mix for a couple hours or overnight. If you’re short on time, you can totally skip the marinating, but id you have the time to do it, it will greatly enhance the flavor. You can also prep some of your veggies by cutting them how you want. We just used red onion, mushroom, bell pepper, and tomatoes.

Once everything is prepped you can start building your kabobs. Remember, if you’re using bamboo skewers, make sure to soak them first.  Then arrange the meat and veggies on the skewers however you want. I you’re doing this on the grill, you’ll then place these on the grill and cook until your chicken is a safe temperature. Since it was still a bit on the cold side when we made these, we did them in the oven, and they turned out great as well. 

While your waiting for your kabobs to cook you an make up some tzatziki dip! For this recipe we just used the package directions and added some salt & olive oil to that. However if you want to make a homemade one. We highly recommend this recipe

Once your chicken is cooked to temperature (about 10 mins on each side), then you’re done. Just take them off the grill and enjoy! You can try them with the tzatziki dip, or any other of your favorite dipping sauces. There you have it. Some super simple greek style kabobs. Just assemble, cook, and enjoy!

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