Floral Ohio Door Hanger DIY

Spring has spring here in Ohio, so we’ve decided that its high time we start decorating for the spring & summer season. This year for my door I decided to make this DIY Floral Ohio Door Hanger. I actually loved the way it turned out. I think it looks so pretty & adds a lot of color to the front of the house. Plus it takes almost no effort to make, which is the kind of DIY I’m all about!

To get started with this DIY you’ll need a couple things:

Hot Glue & Glue Gun
Fake Flowers of your choice and color. (I got these from Dollar Tree)
State Shape (in this case, Ohio) I found this one at Walmart in the crafting section for like $4, so I would check there. You can also make your own from wood.
Staples/Staple gun

Floral Ohio Door Hanger DIY

I picked out all of the flowers that I wanted, and the color scheme I wanted to go with first. You can do really any color, but I chose to do a lot of pinks and purples. I also picked this pretty chevron ribbon for the hanger part. 

First remove your flowers from the stems. You don’t need those, then start hot gluing them on. While I glued I tried not to get it super over the edge of the state, because I wanted you to really be able to tell it was Ohio, and not a floral blob. I also recommend doing an outline of flowers around the edge, then filling in the middle. Just keep gluing until you have your state completely covered the way you want. Let it completely dry.

Floral Ohio Door Hanger DIY

Measure your ribbon according to where you want the hanger to set on your door, and cut. To attach my ribbon I used a staple gun and hardcore stapled it to the back of the state. You could also hot glue it if you wanted, but I think staples will hold up better.

That’s pretty much it. This was one of the easiest DIYs to make. It just took a little time, and I ended up with a beautiful piece for my door that I love!

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Floral Ohio Door Hanger DIY